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Links to some wonderful authors and artists:


Alain de Botton

David Barber

Patricia Brady

Nancy Callahan

Kate Canfield

Jean Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Charles Coe


Pete Dunn

Robert Finch

M.F.K. Fisher

Beth Galston

Linda Gregerson

Adam Gopnik

Barbara Hindley

Vance Hosford

bell hooks

Zora Neale Hurston

Pico Iyer

Katherine Jackson

Lynda Morgenroth

Eric McHenry

Agnes Martin

Rose Moss

Judith Nies

Edith Pearlman

Lynn Peril

Wendy Prellwitz

Mark Rothko

George Starbuck

Jon Sachs

Wendy Simpson

Rene Stawicki

Barbara Wallraff

Rosanna Warren   

Eudora Welty

Cornell West

P.G. Wodehouse


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"About this trio I feel what everyone must, which is the luck we feel when, say, a couple of planets and a full moon make a rare conjunction in the evening sky." 

              — from "Hymn"

               Angela the Upside-Down Girl



"We have learned from Chardin that a pear is as living as a woman, that a piece of pottery is as beautiful as a precious stone." 


                 — Marcel Proust