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About this Gallery

From A Moving Train


These are photographs taken from moving trains, including the Lakeshore Ltd. and the Illinois Zephyr. I love trains and ride them every chance I get; there is no better way to see certain stretches of a land.

In most countries passenger trains are prized as a crucial element of a livable society; the United States lags far behind, however, and Amtrak struggles hobbled by neglectful and undermining policy. 

One myth to dispell is the notion that Amtrak should be, and could be, profitable. No national rail passenger system in the world is profitable. Without generous public subsidy, there can be no fine passenger rail system in the United States. 

For more information about America's trains, visit Friends of Amtrak


Meadowlands, NYC
On the Illinois prairie
Prairie in winter
Spring melt
Storage box along track
Berkshire woodland
Freightcars at factory
On a trestle bridge
Between box cars


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Photographs ©2005

Emily Hiestand





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