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Palace Trees



These are photographs made at Drottningholm, an island in Lake Mälaran near Stockhom. The name means "Queen's Islet," and the island is home of the Sweden's much admired royal family. The gardens at Drottningholm are extensive and indeed regal. We chanced to roam them on a day when a team of arborists was sculpting the trees in the Baroque Garden area, which extends from the palace along an allée and through many labyrinthian pathways. Deep into the garden, you come upon a Chinese pavillion built in 1766. Inspired by Versailles, the Drottningholm gardens are considered the finest 18th-century north European palace grounds. I found myself most interested in the gardeners and the labor involved in tending such an enormous shaped landscape. 



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Photographs ©2004

Emily Hiestand. Available

as archival note cards and fine archival prints.