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The Wellfleet Oyster



Limited Edition Portfolio

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I ate my first raw oyster in Paris, not long ago, at Le Sancerre, on avenue Rapp, where fresh Normandy oysters were a special of the night.

Back home in New England, I discovered what local oyster-eaters have known for thousands of years — that Wellfleet  Bay on Cape Cod has some of the world's most sumptuous oysters, a creamy oyster with a perfect balance of sweetness and brine. 

Each year the town of Wellfleet holds an Oyster Festival to honor the mighty bivalve, and there is much fascinting info about oyster ecology available at the Wellfleet Oyster Festival site.

The photographs in this gallery are part of a larger, limited edition portfolio called "Consider the Oyster," a nod to MFK Fisher's classic, 1941 essay. Archival prints are available, framed and unframed.  To see a larger image, visit the "Oysters Encore" page.



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Photographs ©2007

Emily Hiestand. Available

as archival prints.