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These are photographs of the windows of a Boston shop that offers fine ship models and historic nautical gear. Boston exists because of the gifts of the sea—first the great cod fisheries, and later the clipper ships that connected "The Hub" to the wide world. Today Boston is known for its financial, medical, and intellectual acumen. I was taken by the way the reflections in these windows fuse emblems of Boston past and present: schooners ghosting through tall bank buildings; insurance company towers emerging from hulls and sails.

The pictures were made as part of "Promised Landscape," a story I did for Bostonia about the new parkland being created along Atlantic Avenue. A major new open space, the design for the park is still in flux. Here is an excerpt from the story:

Promised Land

As it turns out, envisioning a major new civic realm is not only about spatial ingenuity, but also about values. What values do the people of Boston want to inscribe on a new and symbolic landscape? As catalyst for that question, the potential new park terrain is already serving the city as a canvas for imagination and desire, a kind of screen onto which urbanists and artists, skateboarders, ecologists and engineers, lovers of nature and lovers of cafés, moguls, pols, and preservationists are all projecting images of transformation.  To read more click here



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Photographs ©2005

Emily Hiestand. Available

as archival note cards and fine archival prints.